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          China calls for ceasefire as Gaza death toll soars更多 >>
          • These companies will make the regular entertainment and gaming products, while Golden Dragon will be responsible for the high-end ones.
          • His words were echoed by Zhu Xichan, professor at the School of Automotive Studies at Tongji University in Shanghai.
          • unless you say you are never going to star in another action-adventure movie, said Robert Thompson, professor of popular culture at Syracuse University.
          • In the dialogue, the two sides agreed to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership, make joint preparations for the upcoming high-level visits, and promote the dialogue mechanisms on people-to-people, financial and security exchanges.
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          • Fukuda made the remarks on Tuesday in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, during the ninth session of the Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum.
          • The report also shows a slight decline in the trustworthiness of UK and US companies.
          • Beijing formed diplomatic ties with Gambia in 1974.
          • 1-magnitude earthquake struck northwest Chinas Qinghai Province on Thursday night.
          • It has been at the forefront of the renewable energy sector and with China investing 0 billion in green-energy projects by the end of the decade, the alliance makes sense environmentally and economically.
          • The defense and space business is even more restricted due to the European Unions arms embargo on China and its controls on technology exports.
          • Huajian, a shoe maker, is one of the best known Chinese manufacturers in Ethiopia.
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